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Job Description


Wastewater Plant Operator I - Range 29:  $30,226 - $37,782/yr.

Wastewater Plant Operator II - Range 36:  $35,929 - $44,911/yr.

Wastewater Plant Operator III - Range 39:  $38,691 - $48,364/yr.

Wastewater Plant Operator IV - Range 44:  $43,775 - $54,719/yr.


Position Summary

I, II and III - Under close supervision of the Wastewater Plant Superintendent or Wastewater Plant Operator IV, performs semi-skilled to skilled work for the City of St. George in the maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant in accordance with state and federal regulations.


IV - Under the direction of the Wastewater Plant Superintendent, performs routine and specialized journey level operations and maintenance work for the City of St. George at the regional wastewater plant.  Responsible for mechanical, electrical, and treatment systems.


Essential Functions (Essential functions, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, may include the following tasks, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics.  The list of tasks is illustrative only and is not a comprehensive listing of all functions and tasks performed by positions in this class.)

I, II and III

1.            Assists with installing and removing equipment, repairing broken parts, and performing preventive maintenance.  Makes minor repairs and may complete work orders independently as assigned requiring some mechanical and electrical skills.

2.            Operates equipment and hand and power tools.  Performs preparation and cleanup tasks.

3.            Uses heavy equipment, including trucks and loaders.  Transports materials from the plant to injection site, and transports bio-solids to the county landfill.

4.            Operates wastewater treatment plant equipment, including pump motors, valves, and mixers according to standard operating procedures and under supervision.  Observes control panels, takes readings, and records data.  Performs routine plant sampling.

5.            Performs other related duties as required.


1.   Operates wastewater treatment plant equipment, including pumps, electric motors, valves, aerators, and    associated equipment according to plant guidelines and procedures.

2.   Observes control panels, takes readings, records gauges and meters, and adjusts controls to regulate   flow rates, pressures, and elevations.

3.   Collects samples for laboratory analysis in accordance with proper protocol.

4.   Visually inspects basins and equipment, such as screw pumps, aerators, gear reducers, generators, etc.,        for noise, overheating, vibrations, leaks, or other unusual conditions or hazards.  Checks automatic        samplers and flow meters.

5.   Keeps plant equipment clean and in good operating condition.  Repairs and lubricates machines and   equipment using hand tools and power tools.  Performs required maintenance or requests required         maintenance when necessary.  Makes repairs and adjustments, when necessary, assuming responsibility for such operations.

6.   Performs daily and weekly inspections of plant to ensure plant is operating at specified performance levels. Makes recommendations for improvements and plant changes to improve efficiency.

7.   Maintains all logs and test results for compliance with state and federal regulations.

8.   Operates all plant equipment.

9.   Maintains direct responsible charge of the plant as assigned.

10.  May have specific supervisory responsibilities over Wastewater Plant Operators I, II, III in one of the    following areas:

·          Waste haulers, head works operations, clarifier operations, process control for ox-ditches, all     facility sampling, and the Administration Building.

·          Auxiliary generators, maintenance building, UV systems, utility pump house, and all facility     maintenance.

·          All solids processing, transportation, injection site, composting, ATAD operations and gravity     thickeners.

11. Performs other related duties as required.


Typical Physical/Mental Demands/Working Conditions

Work in wastewater treatment plant environment.  Moderately heavy physical activity exerting up to 50-100 pounds of force occasionally and/or 20-50 pounds of force frequently.  Required to stand, walk, or sit uncomfortably for extended periods.  Push, pull, or lift medium heavy weights. Exposure to confined spaces, high-voltage equipment, dust, grease, heat, cold, dampness, extremely disagreeable odors, noise, heights, unknown levels of pathogenic bacteria, and other environmental aspects which may be considered unfavorable or disagreeable.  Significant potential exists for exposure to hazardous chemical and gases.  Must follow prescribed safety and hygienic procedures. Intermittent exposure to stress as a result of human behavior.



        Shift work and call back may be required in this classification.

        Employees receive up-to-date shots for working in a wastewater environment.

        Work rotating shifts including weekends and holidays.

        Senior Wastewater Plant Operators IV will be responsible for cleaning their assigned areas.

Minimum Qualifications


Education:  High school diploma or equivalent.


Operator I, II, and III - Experience related to duties listed for this position is preferred.

Operator IV - Minimum of three (3) years full time paid work experience in the field of wastewater treatment plant operation leading to direct responsibility of supervising plant.  Post high school training from an accredited college or technical school may substitute for up to two (2) years of experience.

Licenses and/or Certifications:

        Possess a valid driver license.  A valid Utah Driver License must be obtained within 60 days of hire and be maintained throughout employment.

        Operator I, II, and III - Must possess or obtain a valid Utah Commercial Driver License (CDL) learner permit with tanker endorsement within 30 days of hire, and must possess or obtain a valid Utah Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL) Tractor/Trailer (standard transmission) with tanker endorsement within two (2) months of hire.

        State of Utah Wastewater Works Operator Certification:

  Operator I - Must take and pass the Class I certification examination within two (2) consecutive examinations; remains on probation until certified.

  Operator II - Career progression; moves to Operator II when the City is notified that the employee has taken and passed the Class II certification examination.

  Operator III - Career progression; moves to Operator III when the City is notified that the employee has taken and passed the Class III certification examination.

        Operator IVCareer progression: moves to Operator IV when valid restricted State of Utah Grade IV Wastewater Treatment certification is acquired and has completed a minimum of two years experience working in a waste water treatment system.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:

        Methods, tools, and materials used in general maintenance and repair work.

        Basic mathematics, chemistry, and biology as related to water treatment.

        Pumps, motors, and related machinery.

Ability to:

I, II, III, and IV

        Maintain annual respirator certification through annual refresher training and annual physical examination per Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

        Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, goggles, face shield, water-resistant suit, or respirator per OSHA standards and depending on the job.

        Pass examinations to certify employee is capable of working in a wastewater treatment plant.

        Maintain required continuing education units (CEUs).

        Understand, write and follow written and oral instructions, and establish effective working relationships with those contacted in scope of work.

        Operate various hand and power tools, and learn plant layout and processes by manual or computerized control.

        Perform math calculations, sampling, and process control techniques.

        Complete simple reports.

        Learn and follow plant safety procedures.

        Read and write in English at a business level.


        Operate plant and processes by manual or computerized control, and to read, interpret, and record indicators, charts, and plans.

        Follow and enforce plant safety procedures.

        Train personnel in their area of special assignment and to give safety training.

Other Information

To Apply:  Submit a completed City of St. George Employment Application on-line at jobs.sgcity.org.  Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Position closes 8/15/2017 at 5:00 p.m.  Refer questions to Human Resources at 435-627-4670. Pre-employment drug screening and criminal background screen are required.  EOE. We make reasonable efforts to provide reasonable accommodation to disabled candidates.